If for some reason you wish to contact me regarding The Silver Sword, just drop a line in the space below, otherwise you can reach me using the following details:

Primary email:

Skype Name: abeetge

MSN account:

*Note that my Gmail address doubles up as my Google Talk contact if you cant get me at either on of the other addresses.
*Also note that my Skype status can be viewed at anytime on the Home page

  1. Les Zook says:

    I was interested in your picture “Broken Chains” but couldn’t get it to come up on your website.

  2. lbkasten says:

    FOUND your website because I was googling Bethlehem Chapel. I was there recently and had a few questions about the latin inscriptions that they found on the wall and are still there. very amazing. Hus was an amazing and revolutionary person. I am presently reading “On fire for God” by Victor Budgen for teh 3rd or 4th time. Highly reccomend it.
    Carol Baldwin

  3. Inge says:

    Hei, i was wondering about your bds notes but i need a password to view them, van you gelp me out plz?

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