Welcome to The Silver Sword Blog.

This is where I organize my thoughts and record what I come up with on certain topics which interest me. Philippians 1:21 says: “For to me to live is Christ…” I seek to make this the goal of my life. I seek to center my whole existence on Him and to make Christ the reason I live. Most of my posts will have some Biblical bearing, since the Bible serves as my compass, but others will just be topics which I have had in my mind and wish to record because they are interesting to ponder.

If by recording my thoughts in this way, I can edify and encourage others then I will have more than achieved my goal.

Over the past few years The Silver Sword has been expanded to serve as a distribution point as well as an archive of lecture notes for the Bachelor of Dental Science degree of Witwatersrand University. Due to copyrights etc a password is required to access the BDS Notes page.

The Home page tab will take you back to my most recent posts.

Hope you enjoy it!

Sola Scriptura