Lessons From the HI Virus

Posted: 20 February, 2011 in HIV/AIDS, Science


US National Institute of Health (redrawn by en:User:Carl Henderson) http://www.niaid.nih.gov/factsheets/howhiv.htm http://www.niaid.nih.gov/factsheets/graphics/howhiv.jpg

Last week I had a very interesting virology lecture on HIV. Most of the lecture was concerned with the science behind the disease, but the lecturer opened her class (in the interest of completeness and context I suppose) with some statistics on the epidemic along with a few choice comments stemming from her own worldview. Ideas such as homosexuality being “perfectly normal sexual behaviour” and predictions about our future progress in controlling and curing this terrible disease. The lecture left me saddened by sin and its effects and the rebellion of man.

But more than that – I realised something serious that this devastating little virus warns us of.

HIV is an extremely feared disease worldwide, and rightly so. But ultimately the same fate that awaits AIDS patients lies ahead of every human being. Certain death.

HIV and AIDS is an outpouring of the wrath of God against homosexuality, fornication and adultery. (See Romans 1 and 2) We fear AIDS, but we miss the God from whence it comes. We fear AIDS, but we do not fear God. If we did we would not rest. The Bible speaks very clearly about the fact that man has once to live, and then to die and then to face judgement. You may not be experiencing a foretaste of the wrath of God now, here on earth, but one day you will if you continue in your rebellion against Him. A rejection of God has serious consequences!

When you stand before God, you will be condemned to hell for your wickedness. God is holy and you are evil. God rightly and justly punishes sinners for exchanging his glory for the image of corruptible man. An eternity in hell is far worse than AIDS. Hell is a place completely devoid of God’s goodness and grace. There are no antiretrovirals there…

It is a wonder then that any of us live out relatively comfortable lives. Why do we not die the moment we sin?

Why does God allow a serial fornicator, HIV positive to live any longer?

Because there is hope – Jesus Christ took upon himself the sins of His people when he died in their place on the cross. He bore the wrath meant for them and in return gave them his own righteousness.

God commands all men everywhere to repent – will you obey?


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