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Origins and occidents…

Posted: 27 September, 2008 in Uncategorized

The Silver Sword has been pretty quiet lately, hasn’t it?
Its not because I haven’t been thinking – I’ve done a lot of that with Calvin, considering the exact essence of the Persons of the Trinity, the absolute sovereignty of God and man’s freewill (or rather lack thereof). Rather, I’m busy preparing for my final exams which begin on 6 October, and before that I was studying for my preliminary exams. So all in all its been about two months of solid studying. Differential equations, Macbeth, population geography – all really exciting stuff, especially fourth time ’round. 😉

While engrossing myself in my studies, I came across a truly earth-shattering statement made in my Cambridge Chemistry textbook! It opened my eyes, and showed me the true meaning and significance of my existence on this earth and satisfied my curiosity about where I came from. The explanation for the complexity of life and the Universe is actually so simple, that it sounds as if it came straight from the mouth of a 5-year-old:

It is thought that the Universe was born in a blistering fireball called the Big Bang. About 15 billion years ago, our Universe erupted out of nothing1 in a huge explosion. Everything – all matter, energy, even space and time – began to exist at that instant. Since then, the stuff of the Universe has been expanding and cooling. In the earliest moments of time, the Universe occupied a tiny volume and was unimaginably hot. It was a searing fireball of radiation and primitive particles. As the Universe cooled, these particles assembled to form atoms. Gradually these clumped together due to the action of gravity and formed billions of galaxies, vast islands of stars. The Milky Way, our own galaxy, is only one of those

Magical, isn’t it? 😉

But even though I’ve had to work hard, there hasn’t been no play. I went riding with my dad last Saturday morning and unfortunately he came off cycling down a steep hill, fracturing the distal end of his right clavicle (collar bone). He had surgery to plate the bone that afternoon, and now he’s walking around in a sling and wont be able to ride at least until the fracture has healed, but of course it would be clever to whip that plate out before falling on it again 🙂

The moral of the story? Dont fall – its overrated…

1 If this is the case, there should be big-bangs occurring and new universes being formed right now, inside the very heads of people propounding this view ;P