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Giving My All

Posted: 18 November, 2007 in My thoughts

Recently I’ve been very busy trying to finish off the year of schoolwork so that I can get into exams. I’ve had to make all sorts of horrible sacrifices like not riding on Saturdays, taking a month off Kumon etc etc… Crazy? Well, yes, sometimes it feels that way, but not without good reason. These coming exams are some of the most important in my life. Why?

Well, when applying to study medicine next year I will have to submit my grade 11 marks, and unfortunately I wont be accepted unless I can prove I have a brain hidden somewhere. And even then it might be difficult.

I sometimes struggle to see things in perspective, and the volume of work can get to me, so I’d appreciate your prayers for me to stay focused, that I can retain and get a firm grasp on my work and ace these exams. I’ve thought through my other options, and I guess if I cant get accepted then it’s obviously not God’s will that I do med, but I personally agree with Neil – Medicine is a vocation, and my passion for it can only be from God, so please pray that He will give me perseverance to work to the best of my ability for to make His plan for the rest of my life a reality to His glory.

Yours in Him