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When Our Strength Fails

Posted: 28 October, 2007 in My thoughts

Yesterday I went on a fantastic ride up Mt Kilimanjaro. I felt strong, with the abundant presence of endorphins in my body, I felt on top of the world (literally and figuratively). I felt strong enough to ride around the globe – after all, I had just conquered the hill twice in one day without stopping! What could stand in my way?

The truth is, that after we reached the foot of the hill, Ryan got a puncture. So I stayed with him and Neil to fix it. To cut a long (and quite humorous) story short, we were left way behind and had to ride hard to catch the other riders. Well no matter how invincible I felt, anyone who knows Neil and Ryan will tell you that I’m out of their league!

Riding ridiculously fast up a hill, I soon found that I was far from invincible. In fact, I felt quite near the end of myself and was wondering how on earth I was going to make it up the very long, “downhill” ahead of me. I soon realised I couldn’t – I blew-out. I am not yet a strong enough rider to ride for 4 hours, do a climb up Kilimanjaro twice and ride home at the speed of Cable.

But Neil and Ryan who are both infinitely stronger cyclists than I am, helped me do what I couldn’t do on my own.

I just thought about that a bit, and realised how similar my experience is to the Christian life. No matter whether you’ve “trained”, or feel strong and invincible, no matter how confident you are that you can do it alone, you cant. You need help in order to progress. We, as teens who have grown up in Christian homes, are familiar with the word of God, and are perhaps “learned” christians for our age, need to be humble enough to admit our limitations so that we can learn and accept help from those who are older and stronger in the faith. We aren’t there yet, we can’t do it alone, and we must learn to ask for help.

Just as it takes rides which push you beyond the limit – rides that require the help of others to become a stronger cyclist, so it takes help and wisdom from others to grow stronger in the Word of God! Don’t be stubborn and try to do it alone.

And of course our hero… Gareth the technical cyclist and his not so dry sense of humour:


Cosmic surprises… do they exist?

Posted: 28 October, 2007 in Theology

“Knowing the difference between these two meanings of “the will of God” is crucial to understanding one of the biggest and most perplexing things in all the Bible, namely, that God is sovereign over all things and yet disapproves of many things. Which means that God disapproves of some of what he ordains to happen. That is, he forbids some of the things he brings about. And he commands some of the things he hinders. Or to put it most paradoxically: God wills some events in one sense that he does not will in another sense.”


The Sire de Malétroit’s Door

Posted: 5 October, 2007 in Literature

Here’s another story I recently read, written in the Victorian Era by Robert Louis Stevenson (He also wrote the famous Treasure Island). It is a romantic tale of adventure which makes for an exciting story! Once again – it is quite lengthly, but, in my opinion, certainly worth the read.

Denis de Beaulieu was not yet two-and-twenty, but he counted himself a grown man, and a very accomplished cavalier into the bargain. Lads were early formed in that rough, warfaring epoch; and when one has been in a pitched battle and a dozen raids, has killed one’s man in an honorable fashion, and knows a thing or two of strategy and mankind, a certain swagger in the gait is surely to be pardoned. He had put up his horse with due care, and supped with due deliberation; and then, in a very agreeable frame of mind, went out to pay a visit in the gray of the evening. It was not a very wise proceeding on the young man’s part. He would have done better to remain beside the fire or go decently to bed. For the town was full of the troops of Burgundy and England under a mixed command; and though Denis was there on safe-conduct, his safe-conduct was like to serve him little on a chance encounter.