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Posted: 18 September, 2007 in Quote of the Week

My conscience is held captive to the Word of God - Luther

“Let the Israelite return to Egypt, if he will. Let the prodigal go back to his husks among the swine. Let the dog return to his vomit. But let no Englishman with brains in his head ever listen to the idea of exchanging Protestantism for popery, or returning to the bondage of the church of Rome. No, indeed!… God forbid! The man who counsels such base apostasy and suicidal folly, must be judicially blind. The iron collar has been broken; let us not put it on again. The prison has been thrown open; let us not resume the yoke and return to our chains… Let us not go back to ignorance, superstition, priestcraft and immorality”

~ Bishop JC Ryle ~

We often forget the blessings the reformation brought us like a Bible in our own language, walking as forgiven saints with God, church services with choruses, hymns, prayers and practical sermons in our own language and wise counsel from pastors who have studied the Word. Don’t spurn the priceless blessings thousands gave their lives to procure!

  1. Neil says:

    Following on from Friday. Are Christians required to study their Bibles? I’m not going to rehash that whole talk, but just ask one more question. Are you required to love your wife?

  2. Antz says:

    Definitely – Ephesians 5:28;33.
    I want to discuss your view on personal bible study with you sometime – I still heartily disagree 🙂

  3. Neil says:

    Hang on a sec. Are YOU required to love YOUR wife?

  4. Anton says:

    LOL – I knew there was a catch coming. So, yes I will be required to love my wife when I have one. Just remember, when Paul wrote those words he didnt have a wife either.
    I see where your analogy is going – Even if you do compare not having a Bible to not having a wife, the command still stands for those who do own one – they must read. Whether or not they must do the actual reading personally, or have it read to them in a church setting is debatable, but a Christian is to know the Bible.

  5. Neil says:

    Aha, therein lies the rub. Recall our previous discussion. A Christian SHOULD study the Bible – agreed. The question is not SHOULD a Christian study the Bible but rather, does a Chrisitian HAVE TO study the Bible. Illiterate tribesmen (or Americans for that matter), prison inmates, children and those that simply don’t have a Bible SHOULD study the Bible but do they have to? By not delving into the Word they miss out on eternal blessings, guidance, instruction, edification, etc. But are they doing wrong, are they sinning?

  6. antz002 says:

    I would not ask whether they sinning as much as whether they saved in the first place, but that aside, the exact same thing could be said about church attendance. But the fact is, church attendance IS required – how do you interpret 2 Tim 2:15?

    I wont argue for those who dont have access to a Bible since that is outside their control, except for the fact that they MUST have a strong desire to know God more, otherwise they are spiritually dead.

  7. Barry says:

    John 17:3 – Eternal life is about knowing God! How do you know God?

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