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Quote of the Week

Posted: 18 September, 2007 in Quote of the Week

My conscience is held captive to the Word of God - Luther

“Let the Israelite return to Egypt, if he will. Let the prodigal go back to his husks among the swine. Let the dog return to his vomit. But let no Englishman with brains in his head ever listen to the idea of exchanging Protestantism for popery, or returning to the bondage of the church of Rome. No, indeed!… God forbid! The man who counsels such base apostasy and suicidal folly, must be judicially blind. The iron collar has been broken; let us not put it on again. The prison has been thrown open; let us not resume the yoke and return to our chains… Let us not go back to ignorance, superstition, priestcraft and immorality”

~ Bishop JC Ryle ~

We often forget the blessings the reformation brought us like a Bible in our own language, walking as forgiven saints with God, church services with choruses, hymns, prayers and practical sermons in our own language and wise counsel from pastors who have studied the Word. Don’t spurn the priceless blessings thousands gave their lives to procure!


Melancholy Monologues

Posted: 16 September, 2007 in Theology

Did you notice the alliteration – MM – yes, thank you, I thought it was quite good myself 😉

Nonsense aside – this is a topic which I think most of us fail on, myself included.

One of our youth leaders at BBC, Neil, gave us a very thought provoking talk this last Friday about audible affirmation of speakers in church and generally “saying the amen” when we agree with something the speaker has said. He reminded us of our own selfishness which so often causes us to hold back our affirmation or “amen” when our hearts are stirred by the Word in worship. Our own fear of standing out or being deviating from the accepted norm. I’d like to elaborate shortly on applying this principle to our corporate or “group” prayers.

Do you find prayer meetings and praying in a group a daunting and often monotonous times of boredom?


The Butter Battle Begins

Posted: 5 September, 2007 in My thoughts


The Butter Battle Book was originally written by Dr. Seuss for kids. It was actually an anti war story or a parable about mutually assured destruction during the Cold War era. It can also be viewed as a satirical work showing the silly things that people were giving their lives for. Dr Seuss uses the hyperbole of two nations fighting over the method of buttering bread.


Quote of the Week

Posted: 4 September, 2007 in Quote of the Week


“One man with God is always in the majority”

~ John Knox ~