Reinventing the Wheel

Posted: 4 July, 2007 in Science


You may recall that a few months ago I made a post on the theory of geocentricity because I had found that there was still a school of thought that held to the view that the earth is the centre of the universe and that everything else orbits the earth.

In the books that I read, they kept on making the point that neither heliocentricity, nor geocentricity could be proven according to Einstein’s theory of relativity. This meant that unless you could sit on a star in a nearby galaxy, you cannot tell whether the earth is orbiting the sun, or the sun is orbiting the earth.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I have reached my conclusion that Galileo was in fact right. Geocentricity is an interesting view, but I think eroneous for the following reasons:

Like I said in the title, this is kinda a reinvention of the wheel, but not entirely – its proving that square wheels infact do not work 😉

The first and greatest proof against GC is the force of gravity. Gravity is the force which exists between two bodies and is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. You can conclude from this that smaller bodies are always attracted by larger bodies. Imagine a boy weighing 90kg having tug-o-war with a boy weighing 20kg… undoubtedly the more massive boy will win.

The parallax of stars which is the apparent shift of nearby stars from further stars as the earth’s position around the sun changes. Quickly do a test – this will illustrate parallax and will show you which is your dominant eye, just for interest sake.

Stellar paralax

Grab a pencil/pen and move the end of it over an object at least 5 meters away from you (the further the better). Ok, now the end of your pen should be lined up with the object as if you were going to shoot it. Now make sure your head face is horizontally perpendicular to that object and shut one eye. If the, then open that eye and shut the other one. Which one moved? This shows the parallax effect, and if you care to know, your dominant eye is the one which was open when the object didn’t move.

Also, all those verses in the Bible which speak of the sun stopping (Joshua 10:13 etc) are probably speaking from man’s perspective. We are completely satisfied when an astronomer says: “the sun will set at 1800h today” but when the bible says that the sun stops, then we are quick to jump to the conclusion that it meant that the sun itself stopped moving.

Of course, I speak from my extremely limited perspective only, so eternity may show me to be wrong, but for now – there’s my conclusion on Geo vs Heliocentricity 😉

  1. Me says:

    I would dare to disagree 😉 While I most certainly believe in geocentricity, I do not agree with you justification to prove it. This is how I would argue it:

    Does the phrase “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” sound familiar? Ofcourse! This is Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Therefore, according to Newton, the sun and earth exert equal forces on eachother. Why then do the two bodies not move towards eachother? Simple. As you correctly said, the sun is much larger than the earth. Thus, although the forces are equal, this force is enough to bring the earth ( a relatively small object) toward the sun (an enormous object), BUT THE FORCE IS NOT BIG ENOUGH TO BRING THE SUN TO THE EARTH. Make sense? It’s kinda like two elephants (one big one and one small one) pulling a string. Both elephants pull with the same force, but because of their differences in mass, the larger elephant is able to pull the smaller one toward him.

  2. antz002 says:

    Good point – I didnt even notice that mistake, so thanks for pointing it out.
    I assume you mean you believe in heliocentricity though, since I am giving my reasons for rejecting geocentricity. Good analogy of the elephants – however I imagine that the string would break before either of them went anywhere 😉

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