Our Mole Hills

Posted: 23 February, 2007 in My thoughts

I titled this post “Our Mole Hills” because of how often we allow little things in life to get us down – we make mountains of mole hills. I got this email from an aunt recently, and I found it was really useful to put things into perspective!

You will need to click on the link to view this post properly —> Our Mole Hills

  1. David Peyton says:

    Wow! Antz, that’s amazing! It’s so true that the heavens declare the glory of God. May he become greater and we become less!

  2. Barry says:

    Its so obvious isn’t it!

    Antz, why is it that we allow these “issues” to become such stress factors in our lives!?!

    I mean, God made us and so our responses to issues (whatever they may be) are programmed into our make up! Now I realise that, because of sin we have become God’s fallen creation! But I mean, c’mon (I’m getting stressed as I write this) it really is quite ridiculous – I get stressed out about getting stressed out about stuff that I know I don’t need to be stressed out about!?! I suppose that is why Paul penned Romans 7:24.

    I gather then, to answer my own question in part, it is because of how totally full of ourselves (myself) we (I) really are (am)! Thank God for Romans 7:25.

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