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Our Mole Hills

Posted: 23 February, 2007 in My thoughts

I titled this post “Our Mole Hills” because of how often we allow little things in life to get us down – we make mountains of mole hills. I got this email from an aunt recently, and I found it was really useful to put things into perspective!

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Posted: 1 February, 2007 in My thoughts

(For school, I had to write a letter to a friend who made the claim that all the problems in the world have been caused by religion. So this is not your average blog post, but I had to base the content on the ideas taught in the book: What if Jesus Had Never Been Born. It’s a very thought-provocing book, so I hope you find my summarised letter interesting!)

Dear Peter Rabbit

I am writing to you to thank you for your letter which I received three days ago, and to answer you concerning your view that all the problems in the world have been caused by Christianity.

I was so pleased when I found your letter in my post box some time ago when I was going through my mail. Upon my thorough perusal of it’s content, I was concerned to find that you have been grossly misled by faulty information.

You made the statement that you thought all the problems in this world have been caused by religion, and Christianity in particular. I was interested that you felt this way and wondered what your basis for making that claim was. Being a Christian myself, and having studied the influence Christianity has had on the world in some detail, I know that the truth is quite to the contrary. Christianity has been, by far, the best thing that has happened to the world!

That may sound like a biased view coming from a follower of Christ, but I will endeavour in the following lines to prove otherwise.

If you were to stop and think about what certain aspects of life on earth would be like without Christian influence then you would find that this world would be a very undesirable place to live in. We could make a conservative estimate that about 170 million people have been killed by other people in the twentieth century. Approximately 130 million of these have died as a direct result of atheistic ideology, whether it be because of Hitler’s racism, or Mao’s hatred of Christians.

If it weren’t for Christianity, then there would be nothing beyond man to which one could appeal. Man would be the ultimate authority, and then who’s to say what is right and what is wrong? Everything becomes relative. I hope you are starting to see the very scary world without absolutes. As Dostoevsky said, “If God is dead, then all things are permissible.” A humanistic government leads to tyranny and despotism.

As Nietzche’s idea that ‘God is dead’ began to pervade European thinking, a great vacuum has been left where Christianity once was. This gap has been filled by totalitarianism, the concentration camp, the rise of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, suicide, crime out of all proportions, and some of the most savage and unnecessary wars in history.

As I have mentioned earlier, when you take away absolutes you land up with a sea of relativity. You might argue that a moral code could be drawn up to govern the actions of people. This is all very well, but drawing up a code is one thing, getting people to follow it is quite another, especially when the leaders themselves boldly declare that there are no absolutes.

With moral relativism, life becomes cheap, just like it was before Jesus came to earth. How could Hitler exterminate 6 million Jews, the communists kill and torture over a hundred million people? Because to them humans were of no more worth than a rat, or a cockroach. If humans are just a little further down that evolutionary road than some priordial ooze, or a guinea pig, then what is the difference between killing a cockroach and popping off a few humans? Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “I see no reason for attributing to man a significance different in kind from that which belongs to a grain of sand.”

The view stated so unashamedly by Holmes is the only logical outcome of a worldview without God. We have been made in the image of God, and that is where humans derive their worth from. That is why it is ok to kill a chimp, but abominable to kill a human. Can you imagine a world where Christian influence was absent?!

A common argument put up by atheists is: “More people have been killed in the name of Christ than in any other.”

But, what are the facts? Have more people been killed in the name of Christ than in any other? You shouldn’t, by now be surprised that the numbers of people killed in the name of atheism dwarfs the number of people killed by professing Christians in the name of Christ.

Mao killed about 72 million humans from 1948 – 1976, add Stalin’s 40 million, along with Hitler’s 15 million (not counting WWII which he started) and you will come to 127 million. Now add other killings by atheistic and totalitarian states and you come up with more than 130 million. Using very exaggerated figures, the most people “killed in the name of Christ” you can come up with is 17 million. We have not yet counted the yearly average of 65 million abortions. This means that in the past twenty years over a billion people have been killed by abortion alone!

Just think – this is with the restraint of morals. Take Christianity out of the picture, and who can point a finger at Hitler and say he was wrong to kill those Jews? To him, he was just house-cleaning. Don’t you house-clean?

As you can now see, I hope, what a world without Christ is like, perhaps, you will accept my counter-statement. I put it to you that it is because of sin (rebellion against God), and not Christianity that there are any problems in the world at all.

Why can’t you see through the car’s windshield when it has been painted black? Is it because there is a windshield, that you can’t see out of the car? Is the solution to get rid of the windshield? No! The windshield is a vital part of the car. What then is the solution? The solution is to get rid of the black paint, so that the windshield can serve it’s purpose, and you can see through it and drive straight as a result.

The solution to the world’s problems is not to get rid of Christianity, the solution to the world’s problems is to get rid of the sin, which keeps it from functioning the way it was meant to. Peter Rabbit, why not bring your life into submission to God and his laws, become part of the solution, don’t add to the problem!

Yours sincerely


Disclaimer: I have nothing against Peter Rabbit 🙂