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Posted: 6 January, 2007 in Literature, Recommendations

I picked up a book that my dad recommended to me today and read it called She said Yes. It is reviewed for your perusal below this post


In this book, the author, who is a mother of one of the victims of the Columbine High School shootings makes this point:


Christ wants those who are most oppressed and desolate to turn to his light… They are the very ones he took to himself: the evil-doers, the tax collectors, the prostitutes, the despised of men, He did not criticize those who were possessed; he freed them, But in their freeing was judgement, for darkness was revealed and driven out.

It is important for us to decide whether we want only a nice church or the way of the cross. This must be very clear to us: Jesus’ way is the way of the cross…

Isn’t that just spot-on?! I think that it is for this reason that people feel intimidated by the church. Following Christ isn’t easy, no matter what anyone says or tries to say. Making the descision to follow Him is a huge one! It changes your life, and there are certain very poinient things in your life that you WILL have to change or even do away with sooner or later. New birth is not where the story ends… it is just the beginning. You cannot come to the cross and expect it to be painless. Man cannot serve two masters. It is so easy to take offence when an older, wiser person such as a parent, family member or even friend points out a fault of ours. When a pastor addresses a sin, or when the Bible shows us up once again. We say that the church is too “rules orientated” or they are judgemental and unfriendly. What would you rather have? Friends who overlook all your faults and allow you to go over the cliff you are heading for. Churches which are just so nice and friendly and non-judgemental, or ones which actually care about your spiritual state enough to gently tell you when you are heading off the track, however “mean” that may seem at the time. Lets appreciate “a word in time” when it comes and not be so critical of correction when it comes especially those from our parents.

Christ demands all or nothing!

She said Yes

Cassie Bernall



As I said earlier in this post at the top. I picked this book up on my dad’s recommendation and read it in a day(It is a very light read – only 140 smallish pages, and can be read easily in two sittings.)

This short book is written by Misty Bernall, the mother of Cassie Bernall. Cassie Bernall is a pretty, blonde seventeen-year-old American girl who becomes a martyr at her young age. She goes to school one morning and doesn’t come home that afternoon. She was the unsuspecting victim of the Columbine High School shootings! But Cassie is not without her own background. This girl rebels seriously and really redefines what it means to go off the rails. At one point in her life she might have become like the killers themselves. Only a couple of years before the shootings, her parents had discovered a dark side to their daughter Cassie. A fascination with murder, self-mutilation and witchcraft, and grisly caricatures of them strung up by their intestines. They found at the end of her life that if it werent for the grace of God, Cassie might have been the one pulling the trigger!

This is a true tear-jerking story about a girl who discovers the complete U-turn that God can bring about in a person’s life, no matter how “off the rails” they have been. It is a true story of her faith in God and her conviction which made her answer: “yes” when the boy with the gun asked her whether she believed in God. This is a story about a girl, who didn’t allow her broken life to be a waste – she answered the call, and risked it all. Its not a story about a girl who risked it all and then lost it all… she gained the world!

I would seriously encourage any teenager or parent of a teenager to read this book, it will remind you that even though you are young, life can end at any moment, and will challenge you to live each day as though it is your last. To make your life worth something! To be able to say: “yes” when it matters most!

  1. Sam says:

    thanks for that great post anton. it’s really just amazing how God can turn a person’s life around. from being fascinated with murder and stuff to standing up for God and giving your life for Him…that is so amazing! it’s gonna challenge me – will i say “yes” and lay down my life for Christ if someone was holding a gun to my head?

    thanks again 🙂

  2. Lydia says:

    I also enthusiastically reccommend the book She Said Yes. It’s a great and very challenging story. Very challenging post too, Ant.

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