What am I?

Posted: 14 December, 2006 in My thoughts

I was reading 1 Corinthians 4 in my quiet time recently and I came across a verse which really convicted me.

(1Co 4:7) …What do you have that you did not receive? If then you received it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it?

If you stop and think about that verse for a little while, you realise how guilty you are of thinking you are better than other people, when in reality you are only the person you are (with the talents, finances, toys, skills etc) because God in his grace ordained things such that you are who you are! You could just as easily have been that drunkard begging at the side of the road, or that murderer sentenced to life in prison!

(1Co 15:10) But by the grace of God I am what I am…

If you can think back to that post I did long ago about our “free will” then you will remember how I discovered that there is absolutely NO WAY that I could have come to Christ (or even felt repentant for that matter) unless God was behind it all, willing and working out his purpose in my life. My soul would be void of any desire for a saviour, and bent towards sin, had God not changed my desires!

If you havent read the post on free will, then please do because the above might make a lot more sense afterwards 🙂 You can read it here

Getting back to the verse – I’m sure you find yourself thinking things like: “I know I’m a sinner, but at least I’m not as bad as that kid who walked into that school and shot all those other pupils!”

I find myself thinking things like that more often than I would like to admit, and each time this verse stops me in my tracks – I am what I am by God’s grace and unless he had given me salvation and turned my desires, I could quite easily turn out to be a murderer, adulterer, kidnapper or worse! I have nothing in myself of any value, but as Paul says in Philippians that he counts all his “good deeds” as rubbish and clings to the righteousness that is his through Christ by faith!

We did not earn our salvation, and without God, there would be no good thing in us so we really have nothing in ourselves worth boasting about!

I’m sure you will agree that is sobering, but so true! I for one am going to strive to see myself for what I am and get off my high horse and give thanks to Him who earned my worth for me. He is my only boast!

  1. Kez says:

    Hey Antz!

    I think this is one of those issues that so many of us struggle with. It is so easy to become wrapped up in our own lives, being comfortable with what we have been given and forgetting that ALL we have is from God. We start believing that we deserve certain things and fall into the trap of thinking that we are better than other people! Our pride often gets in the way and we lose sight of the fact that we are who we are because of God! I will never forget what one of my friends once told me. We were talking about being grateful for all that we have, the big things and the small things. He reminded me that my health, my ability to see, hear and walk are all gifts from God. They are not things that I deserve, but rather they are blessings that our gracious Father has given to me. Salvation is another great example. Without God we would be dead and without hope. It is only because of His grace that we have life and therefore, like you said, we have nothing in ourselves worth boasting about! This is an extremely sobering thought and something that we need to be reminded of often.
    Thanks for the encouragement Antz!

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