Quote of the Week

Posted: 4 December, 2006 in Quote of the Week

Hey, sorry for the long delay between the last post I made and this one, but I’ve been a busy guy – Durban, Umdloti, Rustenburg… (Suffering for the gospel huh 🙂 )

C.S. Lewis suggested that every second book we read should be a book written outside of our own century. He said this not because older books are necessarily better than newer books, but books written 100 years ago had different blind spots to ours. We will never see our blind spots and correct them if we are always only consulting ourselves.

He also didnt necessarily mean that we have to read older books… as long as it is outside of the century we occupy – meaning that if we could read books which are written in 2100 then they would have different blindspots to those we have today and would therefore serve the same purpose. But since this is not possible we will have to read the golden oldies and learn from our forefathers! I think this is brilliant advise, although perservering through old books may take some discipline, you will benefit greatly from their wisdom!


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