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Posted: 8 October, 2006 in Quote of the Week

Hey guys

Just looking at the quotes that Allison finds to put up on the YP/YA board every week and realising the motivating effect some words spoken by a godly man or woman can produce I’ve decided to start a “Quote of the Week” section of The Silver Sword.

I’ve started reading part 1 of Spurgeon’s 2 volume autobiography and this man has already challenged me in hudreds of ways. I hope to write more about him when I’m done with the bio’s.
He really was an amazing guy with a zeal for God second-to-none I’m sure!
As some of you may know, CH Spurgeon was an increadibly hard-worker, he: looked after an orphanage which he started, he had a church of 4000 members, (marriages and burials), weekly sermon to be revised, The Sword and Trowel (magazine of which he was the editor) to be edited, and besides that, a weekly average of 500 letters to be answered!

This was only half of the duty of spurgeon

  • He had established many churches and was closely connected with the things thereof.
  • At his 55th birthday they listed 66 institutions he had founded and was overseeing.
  • He read 6 books of theology every week and could remember what he read and tell you on which page it was found.
  • He often worked 18 hours a day.

David Livingstone asked him how he managed to do the work of two men in one day and he replied: “You have forgotten, there are two of us”

Wow! He’s right – lets not forget it!

  1. caleb gage says:

    Nice post Anton.

    Spurgeon really was a godly gifted man…

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