The Blind Beating the Blind

Posted: 3 September, 2006 in Theology

As you can tell from the heading, this is a pretty weird post and the title doesnt do it justice but it will surfice anyway.
I was listening to a sermon by John Piper on the life of Newton – the guy who wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace” and a whole myriad of others.
During the sermon Piper made a comical, but applicable illustration!
He was speaking about the patience us Christians need to have with non Christians, or with Christians who havent seen the truths we have been privileged to see.

Remember the story of Blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46 who came to Jesus and was given sight?
Do you think it would have been fair of him to go around beating up the other blind people who kept walking into things simply because they could not picture the sights he described to them?
In the same way, we as Christians must be patient and persevere with unsaved people and not be surprised when a “good” person does something you would consider wrong… they cannot see as we can see – our sight does not originate in us, it is a gift, and we can’t be impatient with others who cannot see as we can see, but instead help them to find the Person who can open their eyes!

  1. Lydia says:

    Thanks for that, Antz. When interacting with unsaved friends, I can so easily become frustrated that they seem to not “see” how much they really need God to change their lives. But, like you said, if they haven’t received that gift of “sight” from God Himself yet, I shouldn’t actually be surprised at their “blind” attitudes.

  2. Beth says:

    So true. It’s so easy to become proud of the bit that God has revealed, but really it’s just his grace that we are even that far.

    Nice post, Antz!

  3. sam says:

    great post antz! what you said is really true! we do have to think about the way we act in front of non-christians.

    once again, great post! given me a lot to think about. 🙂

  4. Keith M. says:

    Excellent post! I agree about John Piper, we recently started a video series that he put out, he is a very powerful teacher!

  5. Anonymous says:

    thanks for that post. it’s very relevant to me & so true–>

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